Business WomanI create a space for professional women to participate in creating comprehensive lifetime financial plans that are focused on their unique desires and ambitions. Women frequently are pushed to the fringes of financial decision-making and, as a result, experience fiscal and emotional consequences that can affect them for a lifetime.

My professional experience further confirms that ensuring women are treated equitably often requires inclusion of their partner’s goals and ambitions. For this reason, men are not excluded from my services. Quite the contrary. Men and women’s lives are often intertwined such that to ignore either point of view or dismiss either’s needs would be a disservice to common goals.

Let’s face it: Both women and men struggle to make sense of the vast universe of financial options available to them. Without sophisticated coordination and evaluation, all too often their search leads to the accumulation of a jumble of disconnected financial pieces that not only have no focus or purpose, but also are counter-productive.

My mission is to bring these pieces together into a comprehensive, cohesive plan that is focused on what is truly important: your desires for yourself and those you love.

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