Retirement Plan Check Up

When was the last time your retirement plan went in for a check up?

Many people aren't aware that many investment portfolios contain hidden fees and costs that make it harder to achieve their savings goals. It’s hard enough to save for retirement without being weighed down!

I’d like to explain a little more about how you might be losing money each year. In just 15 minutes you could learn if your investments are at risk!

Each year, you may be losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars in unnecessary costs and hidden fees!

Left undiagnosed and untreated, many investment and retirement plans are structured to slowly leach your hard earned savings.

I provide investment check ups that can X-ray your investment and retirement plans to uncover hidden problems. I can diagnose how much you may be losing each year and provide a clear plan that can stop the bleeding and help return your investment and retirement plans to normal health.

Contact me today to set up a personal 15 minute review. There is no charge for this consultation, nor is there a requirement to purchase any new products or invest any additional money.

Call me at 808-489-2813 or complete the contact form to request more information.