My business name, 3 Financial Group, and with it my philosophy finds its origin in ancient Chinese thought and, more specifically, certain thirteenth century literary writings describing the “Three Friends of Winter.”

The Three Friends of Winter are the pine, bamboo and plum tree; Each is faithful to the other during difficult times and each represents the qualities embodied within my business and personal relationships. 

Every year, as the season progresses from autumn to winter, the days become progressively colder. While many plants and trees begin to wither and shed their leaves, the pine, bamboo and plum do just the opposite with a surprising display of vitality.

The always green and fragrant pine reaches up to the sky with its straight and powerful trunk, like a person filled with the strength and virtue to overcome all. Just as the pine survives the ravages of time, we strive to stabilize and extend our clients to meet life's challenges.

Bamboo may bend low by strong winds, but it does not break. I too bend before the winds of change, but resolve to never abandon my ideals; we regain our upright position as soon as the storm has passed. Just as bamboo can form an entire grove from a single plant, I strive to enrich not only the lives of my clients, but also that of their family and loved ones.

Finally, the plum tree. It is renowned for bursting into a riot of blossoms and exuding a subtle fragrance in the dead of winter. Despite the environment, the plum tree's blossoms manage to have an otherworldly exquisiteness and beautiful elegance during the desolation of winter. So, too, I strive to ensure that our clients persevere under even the most adverse conditions.

The Three Friends of Winter—praised in Chinese lore for their natural ability to withstand and flourish in harsh environments. For me, they embody inspiration through determination, perseverance in adversity, and growth both despite and because of it.