Mind Games

Mind Games are short, unique and fun videos that explain how our brains can fool us and how that relates to making investment decisions.

Financial News for Long Term Investors

A quick look at how the financial news media affects long term investors.



Back to School

This brain teaser teaches an important lesson on how to be a better investor.

Trade Wars

What will be the impact of tariffs and possible trade wars on your portfolio?


World Cup Predictions

Many investment banks make predictions for the World Cup. So how do they do? And what does their accuracy say about how investors should view security and market forecasts?


Brain Teasers

Investors can learn how the mind processes information from brain teasers. Try these two teasers and understand how those processes also influence our investment decisions.


May Fables

We are told that April showers bring May flowers, but this year it appears to be that April showers are bringing May fables when it comes to investing.


Learning From Bear Stearns

It has been 10 years since Bear Sterns went bankrupt. What we can learn from its collapse that can help us make better decisions.


February Fluctuations

After a long time of very calm markets, we suddenly were reminded what volatility is. Learn how we can mentally prepare and make good decisions in volatile markets.


The Melt Up of 2018

The media is talking about the melt-up in the market (dramatic increase in stock prices). While we may be tempted to get in on the action, it is seldom in our economic best interest.



Is your plan prepared for the inevitable ups AND downs in the market?



2017 Consensus Forecast...

Each year financial experts provide their forecasts and a "consensus" is made.  How accurate was the consensus in 2017 and what does that mean for us going into 2018?

Predictably Emotional...

We are all emotional. The good news is we can predict what triggers our emotions, and take steps today to ensure we make less emotional decisions tomorrow.