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Financial Wellness

The link between stress and employee productivity is real. Experts estimate that it costs companies $500 billion or more per year due to “health costs, absenteeism and poor performance”.

And with finances being the number one stressor, offering a financial wellness benefit can help!

This quarter, we'll be sharing our insights and best practices through the following topics:

  • 5 Steps to Create a Financial Wellness Program
  • The Link Between Employee Productivity, Health, and Financial Stress
  • Four Ways to Help Reduce Financial Stress for Your Employees















Fiduciary Governance Process

The start of a new year is a great time to review your fiduciary governance process and confirm that your fiduciary priorities have been set. Preparing for the unexpected can be a delicate balancing act, but it is vital for the organized plan administration!

Our Q1 2020 Lift Retirement Newsletter covers the following topics to help you manage your fiduciary plan governance:

  • Thinking About Changing 401(k) Providers? Five Things You Should Know
  • 10 Steps to Help You Handle a DOL Audit
  • Managing Risk: Do’s and don’ts for your company’s retirement plan committee















Future Retirement Plan Trends


As we approach the New Year, we look at the future trends of the retirement plan industry to better support plan design, plan administration, participant outcomes, and fiduciary plan governance. Download and enjoy our quarterly Lift Retirement Newsletter!

Our topics this quarter are:

  • Big Data to Drive Participant Outcomes
  • How Data Analytics Can Help You Make Retirement Plan Decisions
  • What are Corrective Distributions and How to Avoid Them Going Forward













Measurement & Strategic Planning for your Retirement Plan

As we close the first half of 2019, we urge plan sponsors to spend a bit of time reflecting on Measurement and Strategic Planning for your retirement plans. Before you know it, you will be sending annual notices and making plan amendments.  Our quarterly newsletter discusses the three following topics for plan sponsor information:

  • Plan Design and Auto Features
  • Our 401(k) Investments are on the Watchlist. Now What?
  • Lawsuits Over the Years and What it Means for Plan Sponsors













Financial Wellness

Financial wellness has many components that can affect and benefit your workplace. This quarter, our newsletter highlights three engaging topics with insights on the many ways you can incorporate financial wellness into your workplace with the goal of improving retirement outcomes!

  • What are ESG Funds and Should They Be Considered?
  • Cash Balance Plans
  • How to Think About the ROI of a Financial Wellness Program

2019 Q2 Lift Newsletter for Employers